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KVM, Made More Powerful with 200+ Enhancements

KVM (Kernel-based virtual machine) — the most popular open source hypervisor — has gained significant traction over the last few years. And Virtuozzo has made it even more powerful. Our hypervisor uses the open source core of KVM, but adds more than 200 enhancements.
Our virtual machines are based on CentOS7 kernel-based virtual machine and the modern ported version of QEMU. We pushed all of our enhancements to the upstream community, ensuring they will be supported in subsequent KVM versions and to ensure no lock-in.
Optimized kernel-based virtual machine is included in the Virtuozzo Hybrid Server.

“As a trusted partner that consistently outperforms other vendors, we will continue to look first to Virtuozzo for new technologies, like KVM and Docker, for our next-generation of service tiers.”

– Todd Robinson, president, InMotion Hosting

Why use Virtuozzo Hypervisor with Optimized KVM over Standard KVM?

Kernel-based virtual machine projects require careful assembly, fine tuning, security setting defaults, and additional services such as backups and high availability. Otherwise, the overall solution won’t satisfy strict production requirements. Virtuozzo Hypervisor takes the hassle of managing all of that away.
Unlike alternative hardware virtualization solutions, Virtuozzo delivers better performance on a smaller infrastructure footprint. You can focus your engineering on building business value rather than supporting infrastructure.


Performance Test: CentOS7 KVM vs Virtuozzo Hypervisor


This graph depicts a SPECvirt performance test of Linux workloads for CentOS 7 KVM versus the Virtuozzo Hypervisor. Tiles represent a set of workloads. A single tile deploys a number of different workloads, each of them generating output transactions. Here we measure the output total of all transactions.

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