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Virtuozzo group subprocessors

Virtuozzo Group subprocessors listed below act as a family group of entities to engage personnel in order to perform research and development, engineering activities, develop solutions, provide services, manage products and provide customer support.

Virtuozzo International GmbH (Switzerland)

Virtuozzo Inc. (USA)

Virtuozzo K.K. (Japan)

LLC Virtuozzo Research (Russia)

PHL Ltd. (Bermuda)

Parallels* GmbH (Germany)

VZ Hybrid Compute (UK) Limited

*Please note that Parallels International GmbH and its affiliates are no longer affiliated/related with Virtuozzo International GmbH and its affiliates. Parallels International GmbH and its affiliates do not endorse or sponsor Virtuozzo International GmbH or any of its affiliates or any of their products.

Third party subprocessor

Virtuozzo and its affiliates use third party subprocessors. These third party subprocessors provide services and support to Virtuozzo and to Virtuozzo customers on behalf of Virtuozzo.

Virtuozzo may use the following subprocessors for processing customer data collected by Virtuozzo in accordance with Privacy Policy (e.g. when you create account or contact our customer service team etc). These subprocessors do not have access to customer’s data like backup archives.

Entity Name

Subprocessing Activities

Corporate Location EMEA Limited

Cloud Customer Relationship Management system (SalesForce). Marketing Automation by Salesforce (Pardot)

United Kingdom

DocuSign Inc

Contract signature processor. Services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents.



Stores data related to customers (including legal agreements, customer infrastructure details and other related data)

United Kingdom

cleverbridge AG

E-commerce provider. Provides payment processing when buying Virtuozzo products online.


Provides credit card payment processing (USD only)



Provides credit card payment processing for EU


Talkdesk Inc

Telephone communications



Recording selected support sessions with customers



Mail service


Parallels International GmbH

Provides customer support for Parallels part of Virtuozzo Hybrid Workspace


Virtuozzo may use the following subprocessors to host Virtuozzo services processing customer data:

Acronis International GmbH

Provides Data Centre service to host infrastructure for Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud


Equus Global Expansion, LLC.

Hosting provider for and Virtuozzo license management system


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