Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform (VIP)

Become an early adopter of our VIP release candidate to get on a path to hyperconvergence in your data center.

All in a Single Platform

Get to know the benefits of hyperconvergence with fully software-defined infrastructure that virtualizes computing, storage, and networking together in one platform.

Key Benefits

Safe removal of nodes from cluster operations with automated rebalancing of hosted VMs and storage services without impact.

Built-in backup and disaster recovery for VMs.

High-performance and high-availability hyperconverged computing, storage and networking infrastructure with 24x7 support.

Efficient end user self-management of all services from a powerful and flexible single pane of glass.

Technology Features

  • Optimized KVM based VMs
  • Advanced Windows guests support
  • Software-defined networking
  • Software-defined storage
  • Storage for Docker and Kubernetes
  • S3 object storage
  • Hierarchical multi-tenancy
  • Built-in Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • ReadyKernel live patching

Early Adopter Request

See How VIP Will Compare to Leading Commercial and Open Source HCI Solutions

Licensing CostVIPCommercialOpensource
License & Support$$$$$
Set Up & Customization$$$$$$$$
Hierarchical Multi-tenancy --
Virtual Machines   
Live Migration   
Maintenance Mode  -
Back Up & Restore  -
Disaster Recovery  -
vGPU support --
Hypervisor live update (without moving VMs) --
Advanced Windows guests support (VMBus device emulation) --
Replication based data redundancy   
Erasure Coding based data redundancy   
All-Flash Support  -
Auto Data Tiering  -
Async Replication  -
NFS support - 
SMB (CIFS) support   
Virtual Tape Library --
Object storage (S3) - 
Data-at-Rest Encryption   
Storage policy per Volume - 
Distributed Switching - 
Distributed Routing - 
Distributed Firewall   
NAT - 
Bridging with Physical Networks   
Load Balancing - 
VPN - 
SR-IOV support - 
Live kernel updates (ReadyKernel) --

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