Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud

Enable cloud services for your customers today

A Single Solution For Multiple Use Cases

Managed Private Cloud

Increase revenue, agility and performance from your data center with low cost of ownership.

Managed Kubernetes

Drive new revenue streams by leveraging public cloud for non-sensitive data and private cloud for business-critical workloads.

Public Cloud

Sell flexible and scalable pay-as-you-go infrastructure services to multiple customers with provisioning that takes only minutes.

Storage as a Service

Deliver scalability with value-adding object, file, and block storage services so your customers don't need to invest in more on-premises resources.


Virtual Machines

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud provides very flexible virtual machine tailored for managed services with multiple networking options, performance options, storage tiers and security features.

Kubernetes as a Service

Kubernetes as a Service allows you to get a production Kubernetes cluster in a minute.

OpenStack API

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is based on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure which has OpenStack in the core. You can use the industry standard OpenStack API to manage your cloud programmatically.

S3 as a Service

Our S3 service allows to store backups and content for your web and mobile applications.

Load Balancer as a Service

Integrated Load Balancer helps to manage traffic for high performance web services based on virtual machines or Kubernetes applications.

Multiple Locations Worldwide

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is available from multiple locations worldwide and we are extending the number of locations. If you did not find the preferred location in the list, please send us a request to email.

24/7 Production Support and Professional Services

We also help with workload migration, customer onboarding, or any help you need to provide the best in class services to your customers. Just send us a request to email.

Integration with Acronis Cyber Cloud

If you need a backup or disaster recovery solution for your customers you can use Acronis Cyber Cloud to protect virtual machines from Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud.

How it works

Virtuozzo provides:

  • SLA with 24/7 Support
  • IaaS, PaaS and Storage Services
  • Metering/Billing, Integration with Marketplace
  • 3rd Line Support

Partner provides:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Value-added Services
  • 1st and 2nd Line Support

Why build your cloud offering with Virtuozzo?

We strengthen all the Hyperscalers’ benefits and boost the value of your cloud offerings

Resell Hyperscaler

  • No need to manage infrastructure
  • Low upfront investments​
  • Pre-defined SLA​
  • Scalability
  • Modern services
  • Low margin​
  • High-effort hybrid solutions​
  • Customers may switch to buy directly from a hyperscaler​
  • No flexibility/differentiation​

Build with Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud​

  • No need to manage infrastructure
  • Low upfront investments​
  • Clear SLA​
  • Scalability
  • Modern services​
  • High margin​
  • Readiness for true hybrid cloud with SP-based infrastructure​
  • New Features every Quarter​
  • Full customer ownership​

Key Customer Benefits​

Stronger benefits, better value

Accelerate Time to Market​

Launch in 2 weeks, rather than 3 months or more​


No hardware or deployment costs, less training required​​

Reduce Business Risk​

Fully maintained Cloud Platform​ with 24/7 SLA​​

Reduce Cost​

No CapEX, minimal OpEX​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is for Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers who would like to provide cloud services to end-customers.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud allows Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers to offer cost-effective, modern cloud services to any type of customers. Based on a best-in-class hyperconverged infrastructure solution tailored for service providers’ needs, Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud offers IaaS, PaaS, LBaaS, S3 and other cloud services in multiple locations, worldwide. Our cloud is available exclusively for managed and cloud service providers.

Partners have multiple options to resell our cloud services: through distributors, through our own cloud service or using 3d-party cloud management platforms like WHMCS, HostBill or CloudBlue. Please contact us to find the best option for you.

A partner has a domain with unlimited resources. Within domain resources are isolated in projects. One project corresponds to one subscription of Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud. Therefore, one partner can have multiple subscriptions for himself or for his clients.

Resources’ consumption statistic is aggregated over the month for each subscription summarized and invoiced. The following items are used to calculate billing:

  • Provisioned vCPU per hour
  • Provisioned vRAM per hour
  • Provisioned Storage per hour
  • Public IP per hour
  • Load Balancers per hour
  • Windows instances per vCPU per hour
  • Outgoing traffic

A provisioned resource is one that belongs to an existing running or stopped virtual machine or in case of public IP or Load Balancer respective object if such objects exist in the project.

We support two billing models: pay-as-you-grow (PAYG) and reservation.

Each usage metric gets aggregating per hour so that if there is any usage during the hour of such resource it consider to be used. For example: 1 vCPU VM with 1GB of vRAM and 10GB of storage was running for 10 hours and after that it was deleted. This will account as 10 vCPU/h + 10 vGB/h + 100 GB/h for storage.

In this case you can prepay for desired resources and get a discount.

If you are not Virtuozzo partner you should contact your reseller.

Virtuozzo provides set of standard tools that are documented, if what you want to achieve is not documented in Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud documentation you can request use-case implementation via your sales representative.

You can report Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud service issues via Virtuozzo support portal

We have a set of tools to migrate from private and public cloud services. Virtuozzo and our Partners also offer Professional Services to support you to migrate into Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud.

Currently we have multiple locations and Europe and building other locations in Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. Please contact us for the Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud locations roadmap.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is built on top of the latest generation of AMD processors and provides all-flash storage based on NVMe drives. Our flexible QoS policy allows to offer multiple levels of storage performance.

All our datacenters have at least two network connection with different Internet providers.

You can connect your resources from Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud with your existing private or public cloud infrastructure using VPN service.

We provide backup and disaster recovery services based on Acronis Backup Cloud.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is built on top of our on-premises hyper-converged solution – Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure combined our proprietary software-defined storage solution, improved version of KVM hypervisor, orchestration layer based on OpenStack, and our administrative interface. In addition to that, we provide the comprehensive multitenant self-service portal for customers. All those components allow our service providers and enterprise customer to build ready-to-use public, private or hybrid clouds compatible with OpenStack ecosystem.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud is built on top of OpenStack and provides OpenStack API for external management and integrations.