Virtuozzo Hybrid Server

Lower your costs and deliver more value with software-defined storage and high-density virtualization in a single solution.

All in a Single Solution

Realize the benefits of an integrated solution that combines containers, VMs, and software-defined storage.


Tap into the incredible OS efficiency benefits of containers to support production workloads.

Virtual Machines

Support workloads with virtual machines – 200+ features and full compatibility with KVM.

Virtuozzo Storage

Block, file, object, and container storage that is 10x faster than CEPH. 

Key Benefits

Flexible, persistent, software-defined storage that improves performance and cost efficiency in Red Hat, Docker and Kubernetes environments.

Increased ROI from existing or new hardware investments, with no vendor lock-in and no appliance needed.

High-performance and high-availability computing and storage infrastructure with industry-leading 24x7 support when needed.

Encryption and scalability for data protection and capacity expansion as business needs require.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server provides us with one consistent platform, regardless of where our infrastructure resides. Whether it’s public or private, Virtuozzo arms us with the portability, flexibility and elasticity to support our clients’ requirements effectively and efficiently.

— Dave Idle, VP of product marketing,

Technology Features

  • Containers
  • Live migration in userspace
  • Disc encryption
  • Optimized KVM based VMs
  • libvirt and OpenStack support
  • Native Docker support
  • Software-defined storage
  • ReadyKernel live patching
  • Flat licensing model

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Virtuozzo Hybrid Server


Virtuozzo Hybrid Server
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