Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform

Increase revenue, agility, and performance in the data center with low cost of ownership.

Private Cloud

Deliver high scalability and performance with hyperconverged infrastructure that simplifies management, and keeps costs low.

Service Providers

Virtual Private Cloud

Provide built-in multi-tenant support along with accounting and billing system integration for operating private clouds.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Private Cloud

Add more value to customers by managing their private clouds so they can focus on business growth instead of on infrastructure.


On-premises Private Cloud

Enable a single-tenant enterprise cloud with dedicated infrastructure access.

Use cases

Big Data Environments

Rational and NoSQL Databases

Media Workflows and Files

Infrastructure for Hosted Kubernetes

Discover the key features of Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform

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Public Cloud

Sell flexible and scalable pay-as-you-go infrastructure services to multiple customers with provisioning that takes only minutes.

Hybrid Cloud

Drive new revenue streams by leveraging public cloud for non-sensitive data and private cloud for business-critical workloads.

Storage as a Service

Deliver scalability with value-adding object, file, and block storage services so your customers don't need to invest in more on-premises resources.

Learn about how Virtuozzo Professional Services ensured flawless delivery and configuration of Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform to help RushFiles deliver on-premises and hosted private cloud.

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