Virtuozzo Storage

Improve performance and optimize costs with software-defined storage

Storage for Hyperconvergence

Build fault-tolerant, multi-machine storage clusters using existing or off-the-shelf hardware to enable highly flexible, distributed storage that is scalable to your needs, and comes with built-in replication to ensure the safety of your data.


Key Benefits

High performance with faster speeds than Ceph and other alternatives.

Strong ROI and cost-efficiency from leveraging off-the-shelf hardware

Scalability to hundreds of nodes with petabytes of capacity via high performance SDS

Web based UI for improved control and simplified management

Data encryption for protection of entire clusters or specific tiers

Geo replication of S3 objects to a remote cluster

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Virtuozzo Storage
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Virtuozzo Storage

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Virtuozzo Storage

White Paper

Virtuozzo Storage vs Ceph


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