Virtuozzo On Demand

Get HCI as a Service in Just Minutes with Minimal Upfront Costs

Turn on New Cloud Infrastructure with Ease

Virtuozzo On Demand solutions enable you to deploy Virtuozzo-powered hyperconverged infrastructure solutions in highly flexible, pay-per-use deployment models.

Working together with leading IaaS and Cloud Services providers, Virtuozzo enables you to rapidly deploy containers, virtual machines and software-defined storage – in a matter of minutes from the Cloud.


Key Benefits

Fast deployment of hyperconverged infrastructure

Pay-as-you-go' model with no upfront costs

Scalability to hundreds of nodes with petabytes of capacity via high performance SDS

Available from Packet across four global locations

Business growth from supporting new customer needs

Hourly and monthly costs appear on a single monthly bill

Available Now!

A Comparison of Packet vs. Colo Total Spending Over Three Years

Resources and More Information

Product Update

Learn more about deploying Virtuozzo on Packet

Product Update

Virtuozzo and Packet Press Release


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