Virtuozzo Storage for Docker

Run Application Containers in Your Docker Swarm Environment with Software-Defined Storage

Manage Data and Containers Together Across Servers

Virtuozzo Storage for Docker provides a storage driver for Docker Swarm, runs on commodity hardware, and is easy to use. It provides a certified, software defined, persistent storage solution for running containers in production. With Virtuozzo Storage, IT managers and developers can manage data volumes and containers together for any containerized application, without being tied to a single server.


Key Benefits

Single storage management UI for better efficiency

Scalability to hundreds of nodes with petabytes of data

Object storage and iSCASi in a single solution

Automated failover to redundant data copies

Highly available control plane with Docker volume snapshots

Improved ROI from commodity or existing hardware

Resources and More Information

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Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes

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Virtuozzo Storage

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