Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes

Deploy Cloud Native Applications in Your Kubernetes Environment with Software-Defined Storage

Proven, Production-Ready Storage for K8s

Virtuozzo Storage makes it possible to manage persistent data in container based cloud native environments. The solution provides on-premises, bare metal software-deļ¬ned storage for K8s clusters.


Key Benefits

Fault tolerance that enables infrastructure manageability after node failure

Easy installation of integration plug-ins and management dashboard as a Kubernetes service

Scalability to hundreds of nodes with petabytes of capacity via high performance SDS

Persistent volumes, iSCISI and object storage all in one solution

Value-adding features including SNMP monitoring and S3 support with geo-replication

Application-level data protection with snapshot scheduling and policy management

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Storage for Application Containers

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Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes

White Paper

Virtuozzo Storage

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Virtuozzo Persistent Storage

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