Don’t Lose Support After November 2019

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Maintain your current day-to-day operations with minimal disruption

As indicated on our Product Lifecycle Policy page, Virtuozzo 6 will reach its End-of-Life (EOL) in November 2019. Upon the EOL date of a product:

  • The Virtuozzo Team no longer provides support for the product release

  • There are no future updates to the product release

  • There will be no future integrations of the release with other Virtuozzo products

  • Support is limited to information in the Virtuozzo Knowledge Base and Support Forums

  • Virtuozzo recommends an upgrade or migration to our latest product versions

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

If you decide to upgrade, what choice should you make?


If you are using Virtuozzo 6 containers, upgrading to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server is a good choice because of your familiarity with the technology.

Virtual Machines

If you are using Virtuozzo 6 virtual machines, Virtuozzo Hybrid Server is also a good choice, but we recommend Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.

How can you upgrade?

Do It Yourself

If you prefer to manage an upgrade on your own, Virtuozzo provides guidance here.

Let Virtuozzo Do It

Our Professional Services team can manage your upgrade for you. Contact them here.

Want to Continue using Virtuozzo 6?

Purchase Extended Support for Virtuozzo 6 today to eliminate the impact that the EOL in November 2019 would otherwise have on your business.

Common Questions about Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS)

What is the Virtuozzo ELS program?

The Virtuozzo ELS program provides security updates and support for Virtuozzo products that have reached their End-of-Life (EOL) dates. Customers that are subscribed to the program receive critical security updates, technical support, and critical hot fixes after the EOL dates.

Which versions of Virtuozzo software are subject to the ELS program?

ELS for Virtuozzo 6 is available NOW with special, early promotional pricing for a limited time. ELS for Virtuozzo 6 will be offered until November 2021. ELS for Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.7 and Server Bare Metal (PSBM) 5.0 is available until September 2020.

What is the Virtuozzo Product Lifecycle Policy?

Our product lifecycle policy is available at here.

What exactly does the ELS program provide?

The program enables customers to receive technical support, as well as critical bug fixes and critical security fixes, for Virtuozzo products that have reached their EOL date. Customers that are not subscribed to this program no longer receive the technical support, critical bug fixes and critical security fixes that the program provides.

Can I run Virtuozzo 6 Virtuozzo without subscribing to the ELS program?

Yes, you can run Virtuozzo 6 and other EOL products without the ELS license after their EOL dates, but you will not receive the critical updates and technical support that the ELS program provides.

What is the risk to me and to my customers if I don’t subscribe to the ELS program?

Without ELS, you will no longer receive the critical security updates, technical support, and critical hot fixes to pass on to your customers in your service offerings built on Virtuozzo 6. As a result, your service offerings will be vulnerable to security issues that Virtuozzo will not support or resolve.

Can I purchase ELS for Virtuozzo 6 for only a limited number of my licenses?

Yes, you can choose the number of Virtuozzo 6 licenses for which you want ELS. You do not need to purchase ELS for all of your Virtuozzo 6 licenses.

Can I acquire ELS for servers licensed under perpetual license?

Yes, ELS is available for both lease and perpetual licenses.

How do I migrate from Virtuozzo 6 to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server or Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure?

Our Professional Services team can guide you and assist you with your migration. You can contact them here. Otherwise, read here about how to migrate containers and VMs from Virtuozzo 6 to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server.

How can I purchase ELS?

Contact us here.

What are the legal terms and conditions for the ELS program?

View terms and conditions here.

How to receive ELS updates?

The instruction is available here.

Note: Parallels International GmbH and its affiliates are no longer affiliated/related with Virtuozzo International GmbH and its affiliates. Parallels International GmbH and its affiliates do not endorse or sponsor Virtuozzo International GmbH or any of its affiliates or any of their products.