Virtuozzo Product Lifecycle Policy

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Virtuozzo is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers. Rapidly changing technologies influence the level, timing, and character of demand for particular product versions and components. All of this drives the need to introduce new products and services as well as to end support for older software versions.

To assist our customers in this regard, we provide a clear lifecycle and end-of-life (EOL) policy to assist in planning decisions around using and upgrading Server Virtualization products.

Note: Parallels International GmbH and its affiliates are no longer affiliated/related with Virtuozzo International GmbH and its affiliates. Parallels International GmbH and its affiliates do not endorse or sponsor Virtuozzo International GmbH or any of its affiliates or any of their products.

Lifecycle Milestones

General Availability (GA)

The date when a new product release may be ordered and fulfilled. With the GA of a new release, some applicable offerings of the previous release will be phased out. During GA, Virtuozzo will provide:

  • Releases/patches to implement security fixes, critical bugfixes and updates to support MS hotfixes
  • Releases with updates to support new primary/guest OSs and devices support
  • Paid support, Knowledge Base articles and forum support

End of Maintenance (EOM)

The date that signifies when feature upgrades, bug fixes and product downloads will no longer be available. Security updates, technical support, and critical hot fixes will continue.

End of Life (EOL)

The date that signifies when security updates, technical support, and critical hot fixes will no longer be available. Support for any product issues will be limited to information contained in the Virtuozzo Knowledge Base and Support Forums. If the issues cannot be corrected through these methods, then an upgrade path, or migration to the latest version or product replacement, is recommended.

Effective upon the EOL date there will be no further:

  • Support of the affected releases by the Virtuozzo Support Team
  • Product updates for the affected releases
  • Future integrations of the affected releases with any Virtuozzo Products

Product Matrix

Product / Component NameLifecycle Stage
Virtuozzo Hybrid WorkspaceVersionGAEOMEOL
Virtuozzo Hybrid Workspace1.0   
Parallels RAS17.0Please visit
Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure3.5Please check lifecycle below
Virtuozzo Hybrid InfrastructureVersionGAEOMEOL
Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure3.5Jan 2020Jan 2021Jan 2022
Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure4.0Sept 2020Next major version release*Sept 2021
Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure4.5Feb 2021Next major version release*TBD
Virtuozzo Containers for WindowsVersionGAEOMEOL
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows3.5NA Sept 2011
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows4.0Feb 2008 May 2013
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows4.5Sept 2009Dec 2013Mar 2014
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows4.6Sept 2010Sept 2015Sept 2018
Parallels Containers for Windows6.0Mar 2014Mar 2019Mar 2022
Virtuozzo Containers
for Linux
Virtuozzo Containers for Linux3.0NA Apr 2012
Virtuozzo Containers for Linux4.0Feb 2008 May 2013
Virtuozzo Containers for Linux4.6Oct 2010Feb 2015Feb 2018
Virtuozzo Containers for Linux4.7Aug 2011Sept 2015Sept 2018
Purchase Extended Support through Sept 2020
Parallels Server Bare MetalVersionGAEOMEOL
Parallels Server Bare Metal4.0Sept 2009 Sept 2013
Parallels Server Bare Metal5.0Sept 2011Sept 2015Sept 2018
Purchase Extended Support through Sept 2020
Virtuozzo (formerly known as Parallels Cloud Server)VersionGAEOMEOL
Virtuozzo 66Nov 2012Nov 2016Nov 2019
Purchase Extended Support through Nov 2021
Virtuozzo Hybrid Server7July 2016July 2022July 2023
Parallels Virtual AutomationVersionGAEOMEOL
Parallels Virtual Automation4.5Sept 2009 Sept 2013
Parallels Virtual Automation4.6Oct 2010 Oct 2014
Parallels Virtual Automation4.6.xAug 2011Sept 2015Sept 2018
Parallels Virtual Automation6Nov 2012Nov 2016Nov 2019
Parallels Virtual Automation for Windows6.1Dec 2013Mar 2019Mar 2022
Virtuozzo Automator7Nov 2016July 2022July 2023
Power PanelVersionGAEOMEOL
Power Panel2Mar 2017July 2021July 2023
Virtuozzo Control CenterVersionGAEOMEOL
Virtuozzo Control Center3.0NA Apr 2012
Virtuozzo Management ConsoleVersionGAEOMEOL
Virtuozzo Management Console3.0NA Apr 2012
Parallels Management Console for containersVersionGAEOMEOL
Parallels Management Console for containers4.0Feb 2008 May 2013
Parallels Infrastructure ManagerVersionGAEOMEOL
Parallels Infrastructure Manager4.0Feb 2008 May 2013

* Download is still available