Free to download, use, and distribute Linux based operating system


For years, VzLinux has been a base operating system for OpenVz and our commercial products. Additionally, it was used as a guest operating system for containers and virtual machines. With our 20-years of experience in the field, we have all the required skills, infrastructure, and knowledge and have consistently released our version of VzLinux ahead of CentOS.​

Fully free and open-source​

Forever fully free and always open source 1:1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone developed for and with the Linux community.​

Supported as guest OS

Supported as a guest operating system under different hypervisors (Virtuozzo, OpenVZ and KVM) with templates in hyperscaler marketplaces.​

3 flavors​

Optimization is our key to success, therefore VzLinux will be available in 3 different flavors, optimized for running in high dense system container and virtual environments plus availability as bare-metal image.​

Easy upgrades​

Ready-to-use conversion utility for simple and on-the-fly conversion from CentOS 8 to VzLinux 8 plus the possibility to convert CentOS 7 directly to VzLinux 8.​

Project Roadmap

To address clients' future needs, we will release three different flavors for Virtuozzo Linux: Containers, Virtual Machines, and Bare Metal servers.

Currently Available

  • VzLinux 6, 7 and 8 for Containers (RTM)
  • VzLinux 8 for Virtual Machines (Beta)
  • VzLinux 8 for Bare Metal Machines (Beta)​


  • CentOS 8 to VzLinux 8 conversion for Containers
  • CentOS 8 to VzLinux 8 conversion for Virtual Machines​
  • CentOS 8 to VzLinux 8 conversion for Bare Metal​
  • VzLinux 8 RTM for Virtual Machines and Bare Metal​


  • CentOS 7 to VzLinux 8 upgrade for Containers
  • CentOS 7 to VzLinux 8 upgrade for Virtual Machines​
  • CentOS 7 to VzLinux 8 upgrade Bare Metal​
  • VzLinux 8 with Control Panel support​
  • Templates for Hyperscalers Marketplace (AWS, Azure, GCP)​
  • Cloud Images (OpenStack)


  • ReadyKernel Live Patching​
  • Optimized Flavors for Containers, Virtual Machines and Bare Metal​​
  • LAMP Stack Edition​​
  • Enterprise Digital Signing​

Release Time-to-Market

Virtuozzo has consistently been faster to release our fork of RHEL's build and configuration than CentOS.


VzLinux 6, 7 and 8 OS templates for OpenVZ and Virtuozzo Hybrid Server are available for our customers to use. Please refer to our official documentation for details: