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When it comes to WordPress, everyone waves terms like ‘scalable’ and ‘futureproof’ around. What you won’t see, however, is whether their technology can actually turn a buzzword like ‘scalable’ into something as concrete as profitability.

Ours can. And we’re ready to show you just what makes it tick! 

Come with us for a technical deep-dive, where we go under the hood of the Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress. Explore the technology behind WordPress hosting that’s futureproof, super scalable, and ripe for monetization.


  • Platform Overview
    • Requirements
    • Architecture & Components 
    • Topologies & Deployments
    • Framework & Engine
  • Platform Demo
    • Cluster Admin Panel
    • End-User Panel
    • Billing Integration
  • Q&A Session


Theodoros Filippidis

Theodoros Filippidis

Strategic Product Manager, Virtuozzo

Nikolay Nedev

Nikolay Nedev

Strategic Development,

On Demand