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Is there life in the traditional WordPress hosting market? Maybe, if you’re happy to keep hosting hobby sites on something like cPanel or Plesk.

The real money, though, is coming from the explosion of serious, revenue generating WordPress-based businesses. From companies and agencies that need their WordPress sites to be properly scalable. Sites that simply CANNOT go down. Sites that need serious security, not a shared hosting architecture.

Shared hosting is the past. It’s time for WordPress hosting to grow up, and move to a next-gen WordPress hosting platform.
Your support team will thank you. Your CSAT will go up. You’ll spend far less time worrying about updates and security, and you’ll make way more money. Same goes for your customers too.


Joe Morgan

Carlos Rego

VP Strategic Development, Virtuozzo Carlos is a hosting industry veteran. He started running hosting and datacenter businesses in the 1990s. He led the team that made H-Sphere one of the top web hosting panels, leading to its acquisition by Parallels. He co-founded OnApp, the first turnkey cloud solution for hosting providers, and now heads up strategic development at Virtuozzo – the only company focused on making hosting providers successful today.

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